Long Term Parking Tips and Info

Long term parking is often associated with Airport Parking, and can be a major hassle if not planned in advance. At Preflight.us we provide an easy-to-use solution to quickly secure long term parking while saving money at the same time.

If not pre-scheduled, long term parking may end up becoming very expensive for travelers. For example, using Preflight.us for long term parking at O’Hare Airport in Chicago can save visitors close to 45% of regular airport long term parking rates! At Airport Preflight Parking, we show you the different rates and savings of each lot, and put your long term parking choice directly in your hands! Also, with each entry of your email address, you are registered to win free long term parking!

Long term parking is also tough, especially during holidays. Pre-registration into lots not only saves money, but saves time and worry. Many airports do not directly partake in pre-registration for long term parking, one more reason to plan ahead.

Parking at a professional facility will also help to cutback the risk of vandalism and theft, a common occurrence for cars that have been left standing for extended periods of time. Using a professional service ensures the safety of you, and also your vehicle. All Preflight.us locations offer free shuttle service to and from the airports.

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Airport Long Term Parking

Airport Long Term Parking

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