Newark airport parking

Many travelers at one point or another will experience the process of finding EWR airport parking while going on a trip. Although it is ideal to find a ride to the airport from a friend, it isn’t always possible and other forms of airport transportation won’t make sense for that particular trip. When this is the case, a person may choose to drive their own car to the airport, park it in an airport car parking facility, and pick it up upon returning.

Personally driving to the airport has many benefits for the traveler, especially if they find reasonable rates at their airport parking facility. When you drive your own car, transportation both to and from the airport are taken care of so you won’t have to make more arrangements when you return. You also do not have to rely on someone else picking you up on time, a worrisome process for some travelers.

Newark Airport Car Parking On-Site

Travelers usually have several options within airport grounds as far as where to park. Hourly and short term parking is available in parking structures located right off of the terminals in most airports. Due to the close proximity to the terminals, these structures are ideal for hourly parking, but also offer daily rates that can be very expensive for long term airport parking.

For more economical airport parking, there are lots located a short distance away from the terminals that offer lower daily rates. For some larger airports they will have these long term lots as well as even more remote economy airport parking further away. All of these lots will have free shuttle services that run throughout the day so travelers have access to the terminals.

Newark Airport Parking Off-Site

Even though the airport economy parking lots are pretty affordable for long term airport parking, many people can save even more money parking in an off-site facility. These facilities are usually run by non-affiliated parking companies that cater to the airport parking customer. Rates are oftentimes cheaper than the lowest rates in the airport, plus customers can choose from many special services.

These airport parking companies usually open locations right outside the airport and offer free shuttle services to the terminals. Customers end up enjoying the same convenience as parking in an airport economy lot, but spend less money. At some places, customers can have car services performed while they are away such as an oil change, wash, vacuum, or car detailing.

Newark Airport Parking Reservations and Coupons

Another reason you may want to look into a non-affiliated airport parking company is so that you can guarantee your parking space. During heavy travel seasons it may be extremely time consuming to find parking in those giant lots inside an airport and sometimes they can be full! Off-site parking companies will let you make airport parking reservations so you know that you’ll have a spot when you arrive.

Many of these companies will also offer you airport parking coupons when you reserve ahead or visit their website. If you make travel arrangements through an agent, you can also plan your airport parking simultaneously. These travel agent programs make planning your trip easier and can save you money with discounts and coupons.

Newark airport parking

Newark airport parking

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