CLT airport parking

Charlotte – Douglas International Airport is the biggest airport in North Carolina. After a long construction, the new Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car Facility are finally ready!

Parking at CLT is one of the easiest tasks ever. There are more than 12 parking lots in the air port itself including: Long term, Daily, Hourly, Business Valet, Curbside Valet and Cell Phone Waiting parking lots. Although CLT is a very active and busy airport it run’s very smoothly as far as it goes for parking and car rental services.

Recently,  Park ‘N Go also started to provide a Charlotte Airport parking. The parking rate is quite low – but you have to make a online reservation or else the rate is different (higher) at the lot itself. Currently the CLT parking cost is $4.95 / day but it may vary.

CLT parking coupons

We would suggest look up for CLT parking coupons, there are many airport parking providers and in order to attract as much costumers as they can, they advertise special offers all the time. To tell you the truth, we have not found any BIG differences between Park ‘N Go and the official CLT parking lot so just choose the cheapest one.

After you choose the cheapest parking spot you need to look for the best ground transportation you can find. There are few options: Taxi and Taxi Rates, Limousine and Shuttle Services, Hotel/Motel Courtesy Vehicles and Car Rental Companies. Again, look for best coupons and lowest cost.

clt airport parking

clt airport parking

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