Parking at logan

Parking at logan international airport can be very hard to understand. As it is a very big and busy airport there are many park and fly companies. The most active parking providers are: logan express parking (Massport), thrifty logan parking, and pre flight parking logan.

The rates for massport logan parking is around $7 a day. They offer a bus which will drop you off at the terminal you need, very comfortable, our team checked the bus, you even have Wi-Fi on board so you can save on your cellphone data plane.

As we continue, we will review thrifty parking logan, the first thing we will advise you is to visit their website online as they have special category for thrifty parking coupon and special deals being updated all the time which can save you lots of money if used the right way.

Pre Flight parking logan has a very impressive facility, their shuttles arrives every 5 minutes which is wonderful, our team checked and it is really true. you get on the bus a free newspaper of USA Today. If you have an electric car you get free battery recharge so you will have if full when you will get back.

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