Airport parking

Airport parking became popular with the technology jump we had on the 21st century. Thanks to the high-tech technology today the whole word became to a village. The world today is much more globalized and nothing is behind our reach.

In our century we have built huge airports all across the world and especially in the USA.  As the years went by the need for bigger, spreader, wider air ports became a basic need.  We want to be able to reach everywhere and whenever we want to.

In the past most of airlines were used for business travels but as the years went by and the standard of living went higher, most of us goes on vacation at least once a year. Each vacation means a paid parking spot is needed.

The paid parking lots were invented in order to support the heavy traffic an airport needs to handle. The high passenger volume is only getting higher as the years goes by. Today each big airport needs to be able to handle with millions of travelers each year.

This situation led to the raise of private companies building and creating parking lots all around the major airports out there. We have collected all the prices around each airport and we display our research results exclusively:

Airport parking






Airport name

Average paid parking fee

JFK Airport Parking


LaGuardia Airport Parking


Newark Airport Parking


Providence Airport parking


Baltimore Airport Parking


Orlando Airport Parking


Los Angeles Airport Parking


Tampa Airport Parking


O’Hare Airport Parking


Seattle Airport Parking


*Those fee rates are calculated as the average of all paid parking lots around a specific airport.

Now you are able to compare the price you pay in each airport. Never forget – Be Smart… Park Safe.


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