LAX 105 parking

While traveling through the Lax airport, you should not get all worried about finding suitable onsite LAX airport parking. This is because 105 Airport parking is a privately owned parking facility that provides its clients with affordable rates and security for their cars. When you have to make a decision between offsite and onsite parking options, there are several considerations that you should make. It is always advisable to strive and make the most informed decisions since these will enable you to save on costs.

One advantage of parking your car at the 105 Airport parking is the fact that you get to avoid all the traffic at the Lax Airport. It is worth mentioning that Lax Airport is usually extremely busy hence there is plenty of congestion with many people looking for parking space. So, why would you want to get inconvenienced as you search for onsite parking space while you can enjoy affordable rates at 105 airport parking, which is situated only five minutes away from Lax Airport.

Another reason why you should consider parking your car at 105 Airport parking is the fact that they have an indoor garage that has over 1000 parking spaces. In addition to this, this parking lot is opened 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and seven days in a week. So, you do not have to get inconvenienced even if you have to either take your flight or arrive at odd hours.

105 airport parking is professionally run and they have got a huge fleet of buses that run to and from the passenger terminal to the parking lot every 10 minutes. Take note that clients do not have to pay any extra charge for shuttle services. They have valet parking which is located inside and also the self parking is available indoors on a first come and first served basis. Clients can also enjoy premium services such as car wash as well as car detailing for an extra cost.

LAX 105 parking

LAX 105 parking

It is also worth mentioning that the rates charged at most of the offsite parking facilities are lower as compared to those charged at the on site airport parking lots. While your car is parked at the 105 Airport parking, you do not have to get all worried about the security. This is because there is a high level of security that is observed at this parking facility. You can actually leave some valuable items in your car and find them intact upon your return although this is not really encouraged. Travelers are always advised to leave any valuables that they are not traveling with at home. Remember also that while your car is parked at the 105 Airport parking, it is insured against any natural events that may take place such as storms, earthquakes, floods and the like. So, you can rest easy as you travel knowing that your car is totally safe.

So, how do you ensure that you get a reservation at the 105 airport parking? Well, it is advised that travelers should make early preparations for their travel. They should ensure that they make their reservations in advance in order to avoid last minute inconveniences especially during the peak seasons. This can easily be done online. You simply need to go to the 105 Airport parking facility website and select from the parking options available. Once you have determined your requirements, it becomes easier to make an informed decision. This will enable you to get the best deal possible for your parking. Usually, majority of the off site parking facilities have reward programs where you earn points each time you make a reservation. Once the points have accumulated up to a certain level, then you can enjoy free parking or receive any other gift as they may deem fit. Such reward programs encourage customer loyalty as well as repeat purchases.

Therefore, when you plan to travel from Lax Airport, you can consider making parking reservations at 105 airport parking lot. By doing so, you will assured of the safety of your car while traveling. Also the affordable rates offered at this parking facility make it a good option.

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LAX Airport Parking

LAX Airport parking can be made one of the easiest parts of planning your trip. Twelve separate parking companies offer their services so you can choose which company best suits your needs. The more choices you have, the more you are guaranteed a competitive rate.

How to Save with LAX Airport Parking

Parking your vehicle at any airport for even a short amount of time can end up costing you more than you would imagine. By utilizing one of twelve parking companies outside of LAX, you will save on average 10% over the price of the airport’s long-term parking lot. All you have to do is choose which company best suits your needs.

The sacrifice you make in price does not mean you will be sacrificing service. Each parking company provides it’s own parking options and car care. While all of them offer self-parking, nine also offer valet service to and from your destination terminal. Seven will provide car care while you are away, and five provide indoor parking.

All LAX Airport parking is within five minutes of the airport and free shuttles to and from your terminal are provided. Reserve your spot and save yourself the trouble of finding something last minute. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot.

LAX Airport Parking

LAX Airport Parking

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Parking at LAX

The confusing thing about parking at LAX airport is the majority of parking providers. There are more than 10 companies offering coupons, parking deals and claiming to offer the best parking rates. They are all trying to convince you aggressively why you should leave your car in their parking lot. Some of the leading airport parking provides such as: Park ‘N Fly LAX,  Premier Parking LAX, Easy Park LAX, The Parking Spot LAX and Valet Parking LAX work around this air port which makes the competition very aggressive . Even so, you should not get confused! here are some useful tips that will get you right on track:

10 Tips to find the best Parking at LAX airport

  1. Verify your departure and arrive back dates.
  2. Confirm you can take your car with you and that this option is the best practice.
  3. Go online and start comparing parking deals – We advise to visit the official parking company website.
  4. Once found a reasonable price, at lax the average parking rate is around  $8.99 try to type the company name with the work coupon. You might be able to find a discount.
  5. If you have an electric car make sure the parking lot you chose have charging stations.
  6. Parking is not just parking, many parking service providers offer special “treatments” to your car, such as wash and detailing, pet boarding, valet parking, covered parking and even dry cleaning. Please notice those services are usually given in EXTRA cost.
  7. Absolutely all airport parking companies provide you with a bus or a shuttle to the terminals.
  8. You should check the distance of the parking provider you chose from the airport. So you will be able estimate how much time it take you to get into the airport.
  9.  Always get to the road 4-5 hours before your flight, you can never know what surprises you can encounter (heavy traffic for example).
  10. Once arriving back, always check your car for pumps and new scratches.
Parking at LAX

Parking at LAX

We hope these tips will help you in finding a cheap parking at lax airport, for support you can always call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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LAX parking coupons

Parking at lax couponsGetting the best LAX parking coupons is not such a hard task, specially at Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is known for it’s huge bridges and highways. There is a total of almost 3 million vehicles registered in it.

When ever you decided to go on a trip and travel the first thing you will need to find is the best lax parking coupons you can find! The beautiful thing is that if you start searching a week or two weeks before you need to park at the airport you will be able to find the cheapest lax parking ever!

There are few main options of getting the best coupon:

  1. Search online for it.
  2. Most of lax parking lots are adverting on TV – look for their number.
  3. When driving next to the lax airport look to the sides as there will be many sings and ads featuring.

As a final note, if you want to save your money, do NOT arrive to the lax airport without a coupon from some company or you will pay much more then you needed.

LAX parking rates

LAX parking ratesParking at lax can be a very complicated mission. The Los Angeles International Airport has many parking companies around it and each and everyone of it claim to be the cheapest lax parking lot.

So to make sure you do the right choice in choosing your lax parking we suggest you to follow these Tips:

  • Check online for the best parking deals, almost all of the parking companies are advertising so just choose the cheapest parking ad you can find!
  • If you had a good experience in the past with a specific preflight parking provider and you want to use their service again, remember to visit them online and look for lax parking discounts or lax parking coupon.

We assure that if you follow the tips above you will be able to save time and money while arriving to one of the heavy traffic air ports in the world.

Good luck!