Parking at LAX

The confusing thing about parking at LAX airport is the majority of parking providers. There are more than 10 companies offering coupons, parking deals and claiming to offer the best parking rates. They are all trying to convince you aggressively why you should leave your car in their parking lot. Some of the leading airport parking provides such as: Park ‘N Fly LAX,  Premier Parking LAX, Easy Park LAX, The Parking Spot LAX and Valet Parking LAX work around this air port which makes the competition very aggressive . Even so, you should not get confused! here are some useful tips that will get you right on track:

10 Tips to find the best Parking at LAX airport

  1. Verify your departure and arrive back dates.
  2. Confirm you can take your car with you and that this option is the best practice.
  3. Go online and start comparing parking deals – We advise to visit the official parking company website.
  4. Once found a reasonable price, at lax the average parking rate is around  $8.99 try to type the company name with the work coupon. You might be able to find a discount.
  5. If you have an electric car make sure the parking lot you chose have charging stations.
  6. Parking is not just parking, many parking service providers offer special “treatments” to your car, such as wash and detailing, pet boarding, valet parking, covered parking and even dry cleaning. Please notice those services are usually given in EXTRA cost.
  7. Absolutely all airport parking companies provide you with a bus or a shuttle to the terminals.
  8. You should check the distance of the parking provider you chose from the airport. So you will be able estimate how much time it take you to get into the airport.
  9.  Always get to the road 4-5 hours before your flight, you can never know what surprises you can encounter (heavy traffic for example).
  10. Once arriving back, always check your car for pumps and new scratches.
Parking at LAX

Parking at LAX

We hope these tips will help you in finding a cheap parking at lax airport, for support you can always call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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