FLL airport parking

The FLL airport located right in the middle of Fort Lauderdale which is considered to be a very popular tourist destination. As much as 20 million passengers is begin processed at FLL air port each year which explain the high density of airport parking providers at this airport.

FLL airport parking

FLL airport parking

FLL airport parking rates

As mentioned above, there are many private parking providers at FLL: Park N Fly, 3 Dollar Airport Parking, Park Safe, Luxury Airport Parking and Premier Cruise Parking. As of today, the Luxury Airport Parking has the lowest parking rate which is $3.50 a day. The average of FLL airport parking rates for a whole day is around $6.

All of the parking companies provide buses, taxis or shuttles right into the FLL airport terminals which makes it easier to park your car. All you need to do is look for the best airport parking rate you can find, get into your car and drive to the parking lot, look for a parking spot and usually in less than 5 minutes one the the ground transportation solutions will be available for you.

FLL airport parking coupons

To tell you the truth, I will prefer to leave my car at home and take a ride with one of my friends or family to the FLL airport as it is really one of the busiest airports I have been in. While lacking ride options and before heading to the airport, in order to save some dollars the first thing you need to do is to make a preflight parking reservation. First, look online for the best parking coupons you can find. All the parking companies advertise 24/7 so it should not be so hard to find some. The base for comparison is the parking prices only.

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